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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  February 6, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PST

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d to moscow desperately hoping to end the escalating war in ukraine. german and french leaders will meet with russian president vladimir putin to convince him to shut off the flow of troops and weapons in the former soviet republic. ukraine is also likely the main topic for vice president joe biden. he's in belgium today to discuss the crisis with allies there. nato leaders and later this weekend russian foreign minister will also weigh in. americans want to know in just a few hours national security adviser susan rice will ute outline the plans for dealing with global crises. foreign policy in a changing world. okay. let's start here. good reason for today's heightened sense of urgency to get a peace plan. nick paton walsh is in eastern ukraine. >> reporter: whatever comes out
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of the peace talks in moscow so many ways the violence here is completely disparityive. we've seen it ourselves over the past week. people are discussing the potential of humanitarian corridors to let civilians lead. we were there over the last week. the shelter was hit. periodically people have tied to flee through the main humanitarian corridor but sometimes it's blocked and there's a sense that any cease-fire deal will be hard to implement. so much heavy weaponry in use around that area. we're seeing the de facto hiding off of the separatist held areas. it will be hard to imagine a situation where those separatist held areas choose to be governed by kiev.
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russian intervention has been so extraordinary to this point. those peace talks will try to leave kiev comfortable with the resolution but it's the violence on the ground here that's escalating and defining its own rhythm with increasingly confident well equipped well disciplined separatist forces taking a lot of territory. that's going to be what diplomats have to try to address and not to try to renew a cease-fire last year that never took off. a complicated task ahead for french german and russian leaders. nick paton walsh, ukraine. >> now to the fight against isis. jordan unleashes another round of punishing air strikes against terrorist targets in syria. officials vowing to up the ante and hunt down the killers of that jordanian pilot. a second set of strikes are now complete. the air mission now beingdropping
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bombs with messages "islam has nothing to do with your actions" and friends and family of the pilot are remembering him as a hero. this picture shows the queen embracing the pilot's widow. the couple had only been married for six months. let's hear more about this. >> reporter: here's what we know from u.s. officials that two dozen jordanian f-16s took part in these new fresh air strikes on unidentified locationing so far in syria. they were accompanyied by u.s. f-18s and f-22s. there is this sense of unity in this country. so many jordanians were opposed to their country's role in the coalition but things are starting to change following that brutal killing of the
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jordanian pilot, muath al kaseasbeh. so many people are rallying around their government and they support their king and what they see in this fight against isis. what we saw today is thousands of people took to the streets in downtown amman, first friday prayers at a mosque there where the imam dedicated this sermon to the pilot, muath al kaseasbeh, and he said muslims should unite. muslims and arabs should fight isis and they cannot sit back and let this group win. he said they need to unite to expel them and after that carol, people marched in the streets in their thousands to a nearby square and we saw the queen of jordan taking part in that march where people were -- it was a march of solidarity with their government against isis and also remembering this pilot. we saw the queen carrying a poster of him that said muath the martyr of justice and so
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many jordanians remembering a man they now see as a national hero. so many saying that they've not seen this country so united before. >> he not only lived, he existed. he did something for his country and for his religion. he had to die in that way to show people how cruel those people are. it's sad and heartbreaking. we're so sad. we're crying all the time. >> and there you heard it from 21-year-old cousin of muath al kaseasbeh. we head her in that small village in southern jordan yesterday where so many people thousands gathered to remember this pilot. >> jomana karadsheh, thank you so much. i appreciate it. let's talk more about the latest
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air strike with cnn analyst general "spider" marks and former cia counterterrorism official phillip mudd. thanks for joining me. >> thank you. >> general, first to you, we understand that jordan conducted a series of air strikes again today and apparently it destroyed things like training centers and arms and ammunition depots. how do we know that jordan actually did that? >> we're getting some great gun footage that's coming off the f-16s and whenever you conduct any operation like this what you have is a series of intelligence collectors that are going to be looking over the shoulder of these capabilities and they're going to be recording what's taking place and that's going to be done -- there will be subsequent forensics so you can retarget these various tartsgets that you're going after. the key is to isolate isis where it is so it can't reinforce and
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move with immunity on the battlefield. it has to be done aggressively. the fact that jordan is involved is wonderful. it has to be a sustained effort on their part. that's the good news. >> i understand that jordanian fighter planes were accompanied by u.s. fighter planes. what would the u.s. role be in this particular mission? >> several things. what they're going to have is they'll have full packages air tasking order as it's called inside baseball a little bit, will list the various targets and type of packages. the aircraft capability and what they are carrying and what type of bomb loads and what type strike angles and the types of results, the effects they want to achieve on the ground. the u.s. has targets itself as a part of these packages. so they're not simply escorting the jordanians. they're involved in this aggressively themselves. there will be combat search and
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rescue which are missions embedded in this so if something goes down if a pilot has to eject, if an aircraft has a problem, you can then immediately recover. isolate the area and recover the crew as necessary. >> so president obama is going to ask congress to approve a prolonged military action to fight isis. some lawmakers are balking on that because they say they don't have a specific plan and they don't have a deadline. do you see it that way? does the administration have a specific plan or a deadline? >> they don't have a deadline carol. what the president has said is this is going to take some time. i would prefer if the president would really square with us and say this is intergenerational, folks. this is what we are about in terms of isolating this hijack of islam. let's call it what it is. it's not a bunch of thugs. it's not criminal activity.
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this is immensely horrible and it is islam that's bastardized and is off the rails. let's call it what it is. this is going to take our children and maybe even their children in terms of how we're going to get our arms around it. it needs to be addressed in that way. so you can't take options off the table if it's that bad. call it what it is. we're going to be about this for a while and the president has to lead the american population into the fact that we may be at this for quite some time even though america may be war weary, suck it up. we have work to do. this needs to be addressed. >> i know you're talking about boots on the ground and that option should remain on the table. i hear what you're saying. the american people actually don't want that. >> carol, they may not. let's not speak for them. the president's obligation is to lead and to say what must be done and to say these are the kinds of challenges that must be
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recovery efforts resume in taipei following a crash. 15 people did survive amazingly. others not so lucky. 35 confirmed dead. eight still missing. as recovery continues, the focus now shifting to the problem with the plane's engines and the actions the pilots took. david is in taipei following that side of the story for us. tell us more, david. we lost david. the pilot's family says he's a hero because he missed buildings and he was able to take the plane into the water for a "soft landing." investigators are saying it was pilot error that caused this crash so the investigation is
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continuing. still couldto come in the "newsroom" -- i'll be right back.
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new context following issues on capitol hill. >> i don't know about in your state which is a crazy state to begin with and i mean it just as
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i said it. >> i will not stand here and listen to it. >> reporter: it quickly got weird and ugly. >> well fine then you don't have to listen. >> florida congressman hastings taking on the state of texas for not joining in obamacare exchanges. >> you can leave in you choose. i told you what i think about texas. i wouldn't live there for all of the tea in china. that's how i feel. >> there's no reason at all to impugn the people the governor of the state of this country, and i will await the gentleman's apology. >> you will wait until hell freezes over for me to say anything in an apology. i would apologize to you if i was directing my comments to you. i was commenting about the state that you happen to be a resident of. i will not apologize. >> the gentleman from texas controls the time. i just do not see the value in a
7:20 am
member of this rules committee hurling inging this toward a state and its people and its governor. >> reporter: when they got wind of it they were livid. 24 joined together to issue a simple statement. don't mess with texas. >> i stand today for why texas is a great state. evidently we have to defend our honor. >> reporter: what texans want from congressman hastings once impeached as a federal judge and removed from office is an apology. no dice. when i talked to him by phone, hastings doubled down. >> evidently i touched a nerve deep in the heart of texas and i would ask them to tie a yellow rose around it and do like "frozen" and let it go. someone told me that because of my comments they were going to cancel their reservation to disney world. how absurd is that. >> reporter: dana bash cnn,
7:21 am
washington. >> your government at work. checking other top stories for you this morning at 20 minutes past. comparison to o.j. simpson day five of the aaron hernandez trial. the prosecution citing similarities to it the o.j. case as the jury prepares to take a field trip to hernandez's home claiming several trophies and religious items had been added since the 2013 killing of odin lloyd. the defense agreed to remove those items. in money news this morning, another month of solid job growth. the january jobs numbers are out and we added 275,000 jobs. the best job growth since 1999. the official unemployment rate ticked up to 5.7% but don't worry about that. the rate is higher because more people are out looking for work as the economy improves. still to come in the "newsroom," paris cracks down on the film industry following the attacks on "charlie hebdo."
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less than an hour from now, two key u.s. allies will sit down with russian president vladimir putin in moscow. the german chancellor angela merkel and french president francois hollande are lobbing
7:26 am
for peace talks to end the fighting in ukraine. russia's air force is holding military military operations. they have targeted companies and individuals in russia including travel bans freezing of assets and limiting international arms deal. cnn's chief national correspondent jim sciutto is in ukraine's capital traveling with secretary of state kerry. jim joins us by phone. i'm wondering, why isn't kerry in moscow with hollande and merkel? >> reporter: i have spoken to state department officials and asked that question. they say for one, this has been close coordination between secretary kerry and the french and germans and other partners including the ukrainians. they were both in kiev yesterday. they also say that he had commitments in munich today
7:27 am
where there's a security conference including meeting the iranian foreign minister to discuss nuclear talks. they weren't excluded from the peace mission there. do i believe that? mostly i believe that. there is truth that the europeans -- that the u.s. wanted the europeans in many ways to take the lead on this at least publicly. you have the close relationship between chancellor merkel and vladimir putin. it doesn't seem to me that the u.s. was excluded from this and secretary kerry did have other commitments today. >> there wasn't some quiet conversation that when something like this you know vladimir putin doesn't like the united states very much so maybe john kerry you should stay away this time around? >> reporter: that's also frankly a factor and that could be strategic. it's interesting. so much of what the public shows
7:28 am
versus private comments even angela merkel saying today that arming the ukrainian military would only make things worse whereas you have the obama administration reconsidering that. there could be a good comeback element to that as well with these negotiations. it's always difficult to read what's being said on the outside with what is actually happening on the inside. >> all right. jim sciutto reporting live from kiev this morning. thanks so much. all right. our white house correspondent jim accosta has new information because supposedly susan rice is going to lay out the president's plan on foreign policy and national security and it's interesting that this is going to happen today six years after the president took office. jim accosta is at the white house with more on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. we should point out, this is a legally required document that the president is scheduled to
7:29 am
deliver. basically every year. so this is something that is coming out today. of course the timing is very interesting. because there are so many questions right now about this president's national security strategy. what is he going to do about ukraine and russia's aggression in eastern ukraine? what is he going to do about isis. there are not many major policy announcements in this national security document that's been put out by the white house today. susan rice will be offering up a stout defense of the president's national security in the speech later on here in washington. i want to point out interesting things in this document that's been put out by the white house today. i'm holding it right here. in the introduction to this document which sort of lays out the president's national security strategy there is an opening letter or message from the president. i just want to read one key quote to you because i really think this sums up and neatly encapsulated the president's national security strategy.
7:30 am
we have to make hard choices among many competing priorities and we must always resist the overreach that comes when we make decisions based upon fear. we must recognize a smart national security strategy does not rely solely on military power. the president trying to respond once again to his critics. people like senator john mccain senator lindsey graham who the president feels like always wants to plunge in headfirst in military conflict. the president has a more nuanced approach. he's not george w. bush and in many ways this president has been the reaction of george w. bush and so these big questions about ukraine. i'm told by senior administration officials that there is serious discussion happening right now as to whether or not to provide defensive arms to the ukrainians to fight those russian rebels in eastern ukraine. we were talking about this earlier this week. ash carter said he was inclined
7:31 am
to support that type of aid. i'm told by a senior administration official that's not too dissimilar from the white house view at this point. they're moving in that direction it sounds like. it's going to be fascinating to listening to susan rice later this afternoon. if anybody thinks that this president is going to take on a much more activist approach when it comes to foreign policy in the next couple of years, i think you can see in this document that that is not going to be the case. they're going to offer up a defense of a more nuanced national security policy that the white house has had for several years now. >> jim accosta reporting live from the white house. as military operations against isis intensify, the slain jordanian pilot is being remembered as a hero. a cousin telling cnn he was loved by everyone. thousands of jordanians held an anti-isis rally. yesterday the queen visited the pilot's hometown. this picture shows her embracing the pilot's widow. the couple had only been married for six months.
7:32 am
let's bring in in jomana karadsheh. she's in amman, jordan with more. >> reporter: we were there in that small town shawl village in the south of jordan when the king and queen of jordan visited to pay their respects to the family of the fallen pilot. really it was such a heartbreaking scene. emotional there. we went into that condolence tent where the queen met with his wife and his mother. and you saw hundreds of women who gathered there. some who knew him and some who didn't. young and old. they came to show solidarity with the family. his mother looked in so much pain and grief. she could not speak. she looked numb and frail. we were able to speak to other relatives that wanted to share memories of muath al kaseasbeh and tell us about how they felt about what has happened to him.
7:33 am
here's what his 21-year-old cousin laila told us. >> he not only lived, he existed. he did something for his country and for his religion. he had to die in that way to show people how cruel those people are. it's sad. it's heartbreaking. we're so sad. we're crying all the time. when we're not crying we're talking about him. >> reporter: carol, she went on to describe his personality saying he had a strong character. he was popular and that he had always had that ambition and dream to become a pilot and really we hear this from a lot of people there. they say they are very proud of him for what he did in his life and ultimately what he stood for in his death, carol. >> all right. jomana karadsheh, thank you so much. reporting live from jordan this morning. as jordan pledges vengeance
7:34 am
against isis france is still reeling after the terror attack funded in part by that group. in the days after 12 people were killed at the "charlie hebdo" offices, french officials arrested a comedian for making comments on facebook that appear to sympathize with the attackers. they questioned an 8-year-old boy after he refused to acknowledge a moment of silence to remember the victims and now the city of paris is banning any outdoor filming of action movies because persians might confuse actors for terrorists which seems like this car chase would not be allowed to be seen in paris. let's talk more with the u.s. bureau chief for paris match. welcome. >> hello, carol. it's nice to meet you. >> thanks for being here. i think most americans would be confused by this policy. are you? >> i'm not. i think the french people
7:35 am
understand this kind of policy. the situation in paris is pretty extreme and has been very extreme since the attacks on "charlie hebdo." the climate, people think that france is a pretty safety country. we're thinking that france was a pretty safe country until the paris attack one month ago. people understand what is going on. the army is hiring people. that's never heard of. we are aware that 1,200 french citizens are members of the so-called jihadi networks meaning going to iraq to do the jihad and that's obviously a very very worrisome fact. >> surely the people of paris would know the difference between an actor in a movie and a film set and real life.
7:36 am
>> they do understand that. everybody does understand that. it sounds a little bit extreme but it's really a situation that we have never heard of in france. basically everybody -- the french media don't make a big deal out of this measure. something that is much more controversial is like censorship on the internet. that's much more controversial measure because it impacts people's lives. that was announced this morning. >> wait. i don't know about censorship of the internet what did they announce this morning? >> in france there was a law that prevent people to condone terrorism. it's called incitement terrorism. you cannot do that. it's like falls under the law
7:37 am
and so basically it was announced recently this morning actually that the french police can just block websites without going to court, without talking to a french judge, just like that block the blog or the website that hosts people that basically incite terrorism. >> so the french police are making this decision and not a court because, you know there was such a freedom of speech outcry surrounding "charlie hebdo" so it seems -- i don't know olivier. >> freedom of speech in france exists obviously but in france it's completely illegal to make any incitement and commence that or incite terrorism and that's a law and people accept that. that's why people understand the
7:38 am
ban on filming action movies in the streets of paris because basically it can be confusing to the people who live in the neighborhood. >> all right. olivier, thank you so much for helping us to understand. i appreciate it. still to come in the "newsroom," a famous face and changing looks that have raised so many eyebrows. rumors swirling around bruce jenner open a national discussion on the issue of transgender. we'll talk about that next.
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don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit "people" magazine. while neither bruce nor his agents are responding to cnn's request for comment, the reality show star's 88-year-old mother did give an interview to the
7:42 am
associated press. she didn't use the word transitioning or transgender but she did say her son reached out telling her i want to be honest about my identity and, mom, i'm still the same person. i'm still going to race cars. i'm still going to fly airplanes and i'll get my helicopter license. so let's talk about this. here to discuss this kristen beck the first transgender navy s.e.a.l. and is the author of "warrior princess." welcome, kristen. >> hi, carol. how are you doing? >> thanks for being here. i'm doing great. here's what "the new york times" columnist told my colleague don lemon. let's listen. >> this has been in the works. we're beginning to have tv shows about it and president obama for the first time in the state of the union addressed referred to transgender people but to have a sports icon like bruce jenner make this transition and come
7:43 am
out as a transgender woman is a real moment that maybe something people can begin to identify with and dissolve a little bit of that prejudice. >> do you agree with nick? >> i totally agree with him. the prejudice and violence against transgender people is mostly due to misinformation and ignorance on so many people's parts. so if jenner comes out and when she comes out and i can't wait until she does, as katelyn jenner would be amazing. it would be a breakthrough for us for people to understand that we are people and we deserve dignity and respect and maybe cut away some of the violence that happens against transgender people. >> would it have been better if bruce jenner would just tell the public what he's doing instead of making us guess? >> yes, totally. i mean i can't wait for the second when she finally just says hi this is me. this is who i am and it will put
7:44 am
to rest all of the speculation. it upsets me the tabloids up until just a very short time ago were still making fun and you're making fun of a person and making fun of a human being and it just isn't right. that needs to end. >> you and cox have been wonderful role models. some say since bruce jenner is attached to the kardashian that's a shame. what do you think? >> i would never say that. i think bruce generaljenner is a hero of mine. he was on my wheaties box when i grew up in the late '70s. he's a hero. to say to be a loids andtabloids and reality shows, he's the same person. he'll race his cars and start flying a helicopter. i'm transgender navy s.e.a.l. i still ride my motorcycles. i still wear jeans and t-shirts a lot of times and i have my welder in my garage and i still enjoy doing all of the other
7:45 am
things. we don't change as people. you know the house doesn't change. you can change wallpaper a bit but the house is the same. bruce is still going to be the same person. when he changes his name and we start calling bruce her and change our pronouns that's a point of a breakthrough. when jenner comes out and says my name is katelyn is what i heard and she starts actually saying who she is. we have to get to that point. i can't wait until she does that. >> sometimes we forget celebrities do have feelings and they are people. so describe to us how difficult this must be for bruce jenner. >> it was difficult for me. i mean everybody says you know kristen and carriage and bravery and you were a navy s.e.a.l. so it must be easy this is by no means an easy thing and not something you choose. who would choose to go through this type of turmoil. this is deep inside of a person. the family thing is the biggest thing. i love that jenner's mom came
7:46 am
out and mentioned something. it took my mother about a year to kind of breakthrough to the fact that this is more than a phase. this is something that's really personal to me. i had family members that were upset about this for quite a while. you have to give everybody a chance on their own time and i think that's what she's going through right now. she has family members a little bit wishy washy. i saw things that kim said that weren't totally supportive. so come out and show the family support and it will change the minds of a lot of people. we need this. >> all right. thank you so much for sharing your insight. kristen beck i appreciate it. >> thank you. still to come brian williams in the midst of a fire firestorm after apologizing saying a helicopter was forced down in iraq by enemy fire. can he survive the controversy? brian stelter has new information for you next.
7:47 am
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the controversy continues swirling around brian williams following the nbc anchor's admission that he made a mistake when he claimed a helicopter he traveled in while he was in iraq was forced down by enemy fire. our senior media correspondent brian stelter is in new york to tell us it just got worse. good morning. >> it really does seem to get worse, careful. for the first time this morning when i'm speaking to my sources
7:51 am
at nbc, i hear more confusion and frankly i hear fear in their voices about how this is going to play out because there are questions about other stories brian williams reported in other parts of the world. there's questions being raised about his reporting about hurricane katrina. i want to pause and tell you about something important i first shared on yesterday's program. i interviewed a pilot who was in iraq with brian williams. he's told me he was the pilot on the aircraft that brian williams traveled on and it did come under small arms fire but not an rpg strike. he was in some ways supporting brian williams' account and other ways contradicting brian williams' account. that pilot was there but several other soldiers came forward last night and said brian williams was on our aircraft. and this morning he text messaged me and says that he's questioning his own memories. he says that the nightmares of iraq resurfaced in him and he wants them to go away and he's backtracking. it's important to tell viewers that has happened and he's no
7:52 am
longer standing by his story. it's obviously difficult because in retrospect i wish i hadn't shared the story at all. we did a lot to check about him. i found a photo of him with brian williams. i checked with nbc. all of that. i spelled it out online on most importantly, his story does not check out. and instead the stories that are checking out are stories of other soldiers who say brian williams was never affected by small arms fire. basically this makes the situation worse for brian williams because soldiers are coming out of newspaper stories and saying that brian williams was nowhere near the scene of this iraq attack. >> back to rich why would he do that? >> he heard me talking on cnn yesterday talking about these reports that brian williams was an hour away from the site of the rpg attack. he says and he said to me repeatedly yesterday that his memories were very clear that brian williams was close to the scene and the plane did come
7:53 am
under fire but not under that rocket propelled grenade attack. he now says he's questioning his own memories and i wish i had an answer for you about why that has changed. we'll keep talking to him and other soldiers as well. bottom line is he's revising his story so i want to make sure we revise ours as well. >> going back to nbc and chaos. we remember what happened with ann curry. they have to be careful about what they decide to do with brian williams correct? >> you're right. look at this morning's "new york post." i have never seen anything like this. a nose for news. this is humiliating at this point for brian williams and his colleagues. i can tell you that tom brokaw is furious about what's going on and lots of people in rank and file at nbc also have a lot of questions about the murkiness of brian williams' story. the reason why we are trying to interview other soldiers is there is a lack of clarity about what really happened.
7:54 am
like i said i'm sensing even a bit of fear at nbc about what to do and how this is going to play out. he has a lot of credibility. he has a wonderful legacy of reporting. there are serious questions now. >> brian stelter, i'll let you get back to it. thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom," zach morris and his giant cell phone are back. the gang from "saved by the bell" reunites to the delight of fans everywhere and to the chagrin of our jeanne moos. major: here's our new trainer ensure active heart health. heart: i maximize good stuff like my potassium and phytosterols which may help lower cholesterol. new ensure active heart health supports your heart and body so you stay active and strong. ensure, take life in. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me and you're talking to your rheumatologist
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sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now! ...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ it might be one of the best reunions ever. jimmy fallon and the cast of "saved by the bell" at bayside high of course. jeanne moos has more. >> reporter: when i heard there was an amazing "saved by the
7:58 am
bell" reunion skit, it didn't ring a bell. wasn't funny about that? i don't get it. those who do get it couldn't get enough. hearing jimmy fallon's entrance to the show music. cheering zach's entrance. who's this guy? the entrance of slater. going nuts over jesse. and kelly. what's his name the principal. >> what is going on here? >> reporter: 25 years mr. belding had to let out his belt but others look unchanged. especially slater looking good in dance tights. two main characters were missing. this is screech's recent mug shot when he was arrested after a christmas day night fight outside a bar. what's funny about this? >> this is a very famous scene.
7:59 am
>> i'm so excited! >> reporter: save me by explaining "saved by the bell" is my producer so steeped in the sitcom that she and her husband to be dressed up as zach and kelly for halloween. kelly kelly kelly whose current condition was worked into the scene. >> it's like jesse becoming a stripper. >> obviously a reference to show girls. >> you're a stripper. don't you get it? >> i'm a dancer. >> reporter: slate pronounced the reunion sketch the greatest '90s porn you'll ever see. >> jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> my gosh. i love "saved by the bell." i'm going to force you to sit down and watch my old vhs tapes.
8:00 am
thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. another hour of "newsroom" coming up next. round two of jordan's vow to destroy isis. pounding targets in syria for a second day. it's just the beginning they say of retaliation for the murder of one of their own. a murder trial field trip. the jury bussed to key locations but why? it's a case of celebrity justice. new insight in a what caused the amazing plane crash into a taiwanese river caught on camera. both engines lost power one right after the other. why and did the pilot accidentally turn off the wrong engine in trying to save the flight? good morning. happy friday everybody. i'm


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